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4-H Chick Chain Show Monday
Chick Chain sale.jpg
It’s almost time for the Warren County 4-H Chick Chain Show and Sale. Pictured is Trigg Culwell with two Buff Orpington chickens, the breed raised this year.

The feathered friends of Warren County 4-H’ers will be up for grabs Monday evening at the fair. Hatch your plans to attend the 4-H Chick Chain Show and Sale. 

Fifty 4-H members, ranging from grade 4-12, participated in the Chick Chain program. Participants received their chicks mid-March and have been working hard toward completion of the Chick Chain project.

Through the project, 4-H’ers learn responsibility and management skills and how to care for a small flock of backyard birds. 

Jake and Will Mayes, longtime Chick Chain participants, feel this is one 4-H activity everyone should try at least once.

“Our chick chain experiences have given us a sense of responsibility, from the deposit you make before you get your chicks, to getting them home, to making sure they get the nutrition they need to grow and produce eggs as they should,” said Jake.

Will added, “My brother and I have enjoyed the Chick Chain project over the years and plan on participating in the years to come.”

This year, 4-H’ers raised Buff Orpington chickens. This golden colored breed is known for being hardy and productive layers. Orpingtons have a sweet disposition and the ability to lay through winter months if provided proper nutrition. They lay large-sized brown eggs. One hen will lay around 200 eggs per year.

This Monday, Sept. 13, 4-H’ers will bring their three best pullets and enter them into the annual Chick Chain Show and Sale. This year’s show and sale will take place in the livestock barn at the Warren County Fairgrounds. Registration will be from 4 to 5 p.m. with the show and awards presentation beginning around 5:30 pm. The sale will begin after the awards presentation. 

CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and facemasks will be followed. 

All proceeds raised from the auction will benefit the 2022 4-H Chick-Chain program. For more information, UT-TSU Extension Warren County office can be reached at 473-8484.