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Leverett, 22, indicted
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A man who tried to pass a fake prescription at a local pharmacy faces drug fraud charges.The suspect, Wesley Lex Leverett, 22, has been indicted on the charge of prescription fraud.His arrest came when employees of Rite Aid determined he was trying to pass a fake prescription.“I found the suspect in back of Rite Aid in the passenger seat of a vehicle,” recalled McMinnville policeman Robert Hammond.The policeman said he was summoned to the drug store after pharmacists had called about a prescription Leverett had just presented to them.“They called the doctor’s office in Murfreesboro and found the prescription was a fraud,” Hammond said. “The doctor told the pharmacists that Mr. Leverett was not a patient at his office.”The prescription had been called in by phone, ordering 30 Fioricet, a pain medication. There was also a prescription called in for Lortab, also a pain medication.Leverett told the police officer his mother had called in the prescription.