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Late Start Thursday cuts one bus route
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The school system’s second Late Start Thursday is set for this week with one significant change.
School buses will only run one morning route – not two – and that will be on the two-hour late schedule, according to Director of Schools Bobby Cox.
For the first Late Start Thursday, buses ran their regular route and then also ran a two-hour late route. Cox said there weren’t enough riders on the early route to warrant doing it again.
“From the survey we did, we thought we might have around 1,100 students who would ride the bus early,” said Cox. “But it ended up being only around 300 who rode. That’s not really enough to justify having two routes.”
Cox said running the extra morning bus route cost the school system around $3,000. He said the decision to just run the late route is part of the plan to keep improving the Late Start Thursday program as the year progresses.
“Being a new program, we knew there were going to be some kinks,” said Cox. “The feedback we’ve gotten so far has been very positive. The principals have liked it and the teachers appreciate the extra time they have.
“The school buildings will continue to open at 7 a.m. for the students who need to get here at that time. Breakfast will be served. If they’re here, they will be involved in an activity that’s academic in nature.”
With the two-hour late schedule, school will officially start at 9:45 a.m. this Thursday, Oct. 3. Cox said he welcomes parental feedback about Late Start Thursday and it will be taken into consideration.
“In getting comments from parents, some of them have asked about an early release instead of a late start,” said Cox. “There are some parents who didn’t like the fact we were running two morning bus routes so they’ll probably be happy about this. There are other parents who liked the two routes so they won’t be happy.”