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Investigation underway in death of dog
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The investigation continues in the shooting death of a dog on Driftwood Lane in Warren County over the weekend. No witnesses have come forward in the incident involving Jake.
Warren County Sheriff’s Department has been investigating the shooting since Sunday when a report was made by the dog’s owner, Laura Warner.
“We have been investigating this case since the police report was made on Sunday, I can promise you that,” said Warren County Sheriff Jackie Matheny on Thursday, refuting commits made by some individuals that his department has refused to investigate.
“I don’t know why anyone would say we are not investigating this, or that we refused to investigate it,” said Matheny. “That’s just not true.”
Matheny says his investigators have canvassed the neighborhood more than once and have talked to numerous individuals trying to find witnesses who allegedly saw the shooting.
“I’ve seen some news reports that a group of children at a birthday party or children playing with the dog witnessed the shooting, but we can find no truth to those statements,” Matheny said.
What the sheriff’s department has found is numerous individuals in the neighborhood who say the dog was among a pack of dogs causing chaos.
“Among those statements taken, one neighbor said the dog, in a pack of other dogs, attacked her and she was bitten,” said Matheny. “She tried to defend herself from the attack with a piece of PVC pipe, the plastic kind used for water lines.”
One news report says the woman that was bitten was later seen with the man who shot the dog.
“Let’s just say that some of the comments that have been made are not 100 percent true,” said Matheny. “The lady was bitten, which is true. There is no evidence that she had anything to do with the shooting, and we don’t believe she did.”
Matheny says false statements are hindering, not helping, the department in solving the case.
“When we have to take time to investigate false information, it slows down our investigation,” said Matheny. “I promise you we are dedicated to solving this case, just like we would be with any other reported incident.”
Despite the lack of actual witnesses, Matheny says some progress is being made in Jake’s case. However, he would not elaborate.