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If it sounds like a duck...
It might be TV star Phil Robertson
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Faith, family and ducks.Braced with a Bible in one hand and his patented duck calls in the other, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson captivated a capacity crowd at McMinnville Civic Center as the guest speaker of this year’s Boyd Banquet.The innovator of the Duck Commander call that surged his family to the forefront of reality TV, Robertson was candid on a variety of topics, but most of his speech turned into a sermon for the Church of Christ Elder.Robertson is devout in his faith and used his time to speak to a crowd that approached 1,000 people about how he isn’t afraid to spread the gospel.“We’re waging spiritual warfare and we’re not budging,” said Robertson. “I’m honored to be spoken ill of and don’t care what might be said about me on the Internet. I’ve never turned on a computer in my life.”Robertson always turned back to his Bible after every point he made, while inducing laughter at the same time.