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Hurdle cleared for new Hardee's
Existing building to be demolished to make way for new restaurant
The city has given the OK for rezoning which will allow Hardees to demolish this building and construct a new one.

It’s a done deal. Hardee’s has what it needs to move forward with plans to demolish its existing building on Main Street and replace it with a new one.
McMinnville officials voted unanimously on second read to allow the back parking lot of Hardee’s to be rezoned from Residential 1 to Commercial 1. The change was required if the business is to replace its building with one that’s better configured to address traffic and noise concerns.
Swaying the vote in its favor of rezoning was an offer by Hardee’s to construct an 8-foot block wall to appease neighbors and help reduce noise, an item that’s not required by current city code.
The city’s decision ended a three-decade agreement with the city that the property cannot be used as a drive-thru between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
A wall might not make good neighbors. Carolyn Lance says she’s still against rezoning due to that property being used as both an entrance and exit.
“I oppose the zoning of the residential lot behind Hardee’s to a commercial lot,” Lance said. “Hardee’s says it’s doing this to alleviate the morning traffic on West Main Street. While the new design may help the morning traffic, it will certainly create a completely new problem since the new design has all the drive-thru traffic both coming in and going out from the back West Main Street entrance.”
Lance adds she doesn’t believe Hardee’s will build the wall.
“Hardee’s has promised to erect an 8-foot high concrete wall with an additional 20 feet of screening around all sides of their lot that adjoins a residential lot,” she said. “In the past, Hardees has not always done what they promised in the matter of screening for the residential lots. Mr. Campbell from Hardee’s has said several times they would do only the minimum required in this matter. I ask that the mayor and aldermen deny Hardee’s request for a change in zoning.”
The measure passed on second and final read Tuesday night.