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Holton still at large after eluding officers on foot
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A man who was unable to outrun police in a stolen Porsche a couple weeks ago was able to accomplish the feat Wednesday afternoon, this time on foot as he gave officers the slip and remains at large.
The fugitive, Dalton Holton, 24, is wanted by police on charges of domestic assault, evading arrest and violation of a bond condition. He was last seen running in the area of Lance Street around 2 p.m. Wednesday.
The chase began at the corner of Locust Street and Spring Street early Wednesday afternoon. Police were called to the residence concerning a domestic dispute. When they arrived, they found Holton there along with his girlfriend. They learned he had been arrested following a domestic dispute a few weeks prior.
It was following that domestic dispute he allegedly stole his girlfriend’s Porsche and led police on a short chase that ended when he abandoned the sports car on Lance Street and took refuge in an abandoned house. He was caught and arrested on that occasion.
Police discovered part of Holton’s bond condition that had gotten him out of jail for that prior incident included staying away from his girlfriend. That’s why police went to pick him up Wednesday.
“I advised Mr. Holton I would be arresting him for violation of bond condition and he fled on foot behind the residence,” recalled Marty Cantrell of McMinnville Police Department.
The chase was soon joined by police and deputies as Holton ran toward Kirby Street, braving the bitterly cold temperatures. He was able to elude the pursuers who tried to box him in around the Lance Street area. Police looked around the abandoned house where he had taken refuge following his Porsche chase, but found no sign of him. They also tried finding him at his mother’s nearby house but again had no luck.
Police returned to where the chase began. This time Cantrell pointed out the woman (Holton’s girlfriend) had a bump on her head and marks on her arms. It was at that pointed she reportedly admitted Holton had assaulted her and she would be willing to take new charges on him.
Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Holton is asked to contact police at 668-7000 or call 911.