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Girl, 12, voices her support for Rutherford
Urges fair treatment for city administrator
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Will he stay or will he go? With McMinnville officials evaluating David Rutherford’s fate as city administrator, one youthful citizen asked for a fair assessment from the city fathers in making their decision. Bailey Davis, age 12, is speaking out on behalf of the man she’s come to know as a good friend to her family. Bailey simply says, “just treat him fairly.”
Bailey isn’t operating on emotion and loyalty alone; she keeps abreast of the city board’s decision-making process and follows news accounts of the resulting actions. “I think that he has done a lot for the city and that he should keep his job,” she stated. “I know him personally and I read the paper. It seems to me that he is doing his job. What is being said about him isn’t the Dave I know.”
Davis says she met Rutherford and his wife after they moved to McMinnville.
“He and his wife, Donna, have help my grandmother out a lot. He is a nice person. I think this board is considering firing him because some people dislike him. Disliking someone is not a good enough reason to fire them.”
A call to Mayor Jimmy Haley by Davis did little to convince this future voter that the board is justified in considering termination.
“I read the stuff about Dave last week in the paper and called the mayor that same day,” said Davis. “I asked why he was trying to get Dave fired. He told me that the reason they are trying to get him fired is they are trying to do their job, and if I don’t like the way they are doing things, then I should come to the meeting.”
Davis says she has heard no “logical reasons” for termination.
“I think they should think of logical reasons, if they want to fire him,” she said. “I don’t think any of the reasons I’ve been told are logical. They are based on dislike.”
A special called session to begin the annual evaluation of Rutherford was set for last night. Coverage of actions taken will be reported in Sunday’s edition.