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Fox trotted to justice by good neighbors
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Neighbors combined to collar a burglar after the man was caught trying to break into a vehicle on Crain Road.
The suspect, Rickey Christopher Fox, 30, is charged with burglary of an auto, possession of burglary tools, resisting arrest and public intoxication. He also faces charges of violating his probation. He will face hearing Oct. 8.
Fox was caught after the victim in the case saw the suspect walking toward his home as the victim was pulling away. Noticing the suspicious man, the victim turned around and went back to his house.
“He went back and saw the driver’s side door of a Toyota open and someone running in the direction of his shed,” said deputy Abel Rivera in his warrant against Fox.
Fox was found hiding in the shed. He was held until lawmen arrived by the victim and some of his neighbors.
Rivera said a witness said he saw Fox throw down a pair of scissors when he ran from the scene. They believe he was using them to help break into the truck.
Rivera noted Fox fought with officers when they tried to take him into custody.
“He appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance and a danger to himself,” Rivera noted.