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Extra lighting added at convenience centers
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Extra lighting has been added to some convenience centers in order to improve the diminished natural light in the evenings.
“On the lighting situation, I checked on the cost,” said Warren County sanitation director Steve Hillis to members of the county Health and Welfare Committee on Monday.
Last month the county received complaints the time change has created diminished lighting at the convenience centers in Viola and Smartt Station. The problem begins with the end of daylight savings time in November and ends with its beginning in March.
At that time, Hillis said the situation is a pole problem that could be improved if the short poles where the lights are located are exchanged for taller poles.
“Most of our convenience centers are the same,” he said. “Our electricity comes in on a pole and that pole is short. That’s where they put the light at. Of course, it lights up one side of the bin but not the other. About every convenience center is that way, except the one at the fairgrounds.”
Exchanging those would require a financial investment because the conduit would also have to be relocated.
Committee members asked Hillis to check on costs associated with changing out the poles, relocating the conduit, and replacing the lights with LEDs.
“I called Caney Fork and they don’t have LED lights in the county,” said Hillis. “To set a pole, you have to sign a three-year contract and it’s $330 for a 40-foot pole and that’s if you don’t have to set a transformer. It’s $7 a month for a high-density light bulb to go in it. You can get a 30-foot pole for $230 and it’s low density for $5 a month. The money must be upfront.”
Hillis says he attempted to fix the problem himself.
“At Smartt Station, there was a pole already there. I think it was a 40-foot pole. It was right where we needed it. I called Caney Fork and asked if we could use it. They sent engineers out there and they said they could do it. They relocated the light to that pole and it’s worked out good. It didn’t cost anything.”
Viola’s convenience center has no pole that can be utilized. Hillis says he purchased a porch light to add additional lighting to the area and it seems to be working well.
“What I did was go to True Value and purchase a porch light and put a 100-watt florescent bulb in it. It’s shining out around the bins and it’s putting out a lot of light. I did the same at Fairview’s convenience center. It isn’t perfect, but it’s better than what it was.”
Committee members voiced approval for the lighting improvement measures.