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Dibrell plans softball field
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“If you build it, they will come”, was the famous line in the movie Field of Dreams about a man who built a baseball field on his rural farm after a voice urged him to do so.While not hearing voices in their heads, the parent-teacher organization at Dibrell Elementary wants to build their own field of dreams, this one a softball field near their newly upgraded campus.“There really hasn’t been any ballfield here since construction started,” revealed new Dibrell Principal Lisa Mason, noting the field that used to sit next to the main campus was leveled over two years ago. “And if they did hit the ball a long ways it ended up landing on the basketball court.”With construction now finished, Mason believes it’s time to build a new softball field on the Dibrell campus.‘The community is wanting a softball field,” Mason said of calls she has been fielding urging the school go forward with the construction of a field.Enter Dibrell parent and alumnus Darren Womack who says he will get the ball rolling by excavating the ground where the ballfield will be located. He intends to do the work for free as his contribution to the school.“You’re often spending a lot of money for nothing when it comes to excavating work,” Womack said, adding that he has all the licenses necessary to construct the ground level of the field.While Mason was unsure what amount the school will have to ask for from the school board, she revealed the PTO is already raising money for much of the project.“The PTO plans to pay for the bases, back stop and dirt,” she told members of the school board in seeking permission to begin the project.Members of the board approved the plans.