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Curtiss says information in mailers is not accurate
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State Rep. Charles Curtiss showed up Thursday night to participate in a political forum sponsored by Southern Standard and WCPI. His opponent didn’t.
Instead of debating him in person, Curtiss said his opponent has decided to run a campaign by mail and has put misleading information in bulk mailers. Curtiss said the mailers have been generated from Nashville, not the 43rd District.
“I’m not running against Robert Dunham. I’m running against the state Republican party and it bothers me that some of the things that are on here are not true,” said Curtiss, holding up one of the mailers. “This thing is saying I provided tax dollars for the largest abortion provider in America. The reality is we made it where Planned Parenthood wasn’t the first in line for grant money. We made it to where they were the last in line. This thing is saying the opposite of what happened, but I hope and pray the folks who live in the 43rd District will look at me and listen, and my record is recorded in Nashville. There’s no hiding it. Make up your mind on the facts you know, not what someone is piping you from Nashville.”
Curtiss said it’s important to see and hear the candidates in person and then make up your mind on the facts. He said debates like the one sponsored by the Standard and WCPI are a great avenue for that.
“This is such an opportunity to hear what the candidates have to say on the various issues,” said Curtiss. “I’m a little disappointed my opponent didn’t show up. This is the third one in the district and he’s not shown up at any of them. A part of me is selfish and I’m glad I’m the only one up here, but I wish we could have a debate where you can really see the differences between the two of us and maybe there’s not too much difference.”
Curtiss utilized his time to clarify where he stands on several issues since he says his views have been misrepresented by his opponent.
“I’ve never been for an income tax,” said Curtiss. “Tennessee needs an adequate supply of revenue, not an inexhaustible supply of revenue. We are sort of governed by the economy. We have had to gear down in recent years and live within our means. I believe we should always help people who can’t help themselves and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been pro life. I’ve always been pro life. I’m not wishy-washy on it. Taking someone’s live is a terrible thing to think about and I’ve always been against it.”