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Crisp Springs crash raises concerns
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Another crash at the intersection of Crisp Springs Road and Bybee Branch Road has neighborhood residents wondering if more can be done to make the rural crossroads less hazardous.
“I’ve seen people killed at this intersection,” said one resident who lives near the crossroads, noting small rumble strips leading up to the stop sign do little to slow drivers. “They just drive into the other lane and go around the strips and gun it through the intersection.”
The intersection is a two-way stop for drivers traveling along Bybee Branch Road. There is no stop sign for those traveling on Crisp Springs Road. The intersection is located about a mile from the new construction zone for Nashville Highway.
Residents say wrecks at the intersection are almost always the fault of motorists disregarding the stop sign.
“I saw one girl wreck there and tear up her car, then just the next week I saw her blowing through the same stop sign again,” a nearby resident revealed.
The intersection has been the site of two fatal wrecks in the past decade, along with several personal injury accidents. Neighborhood residents are unsure what will work to stop people from running the stop sign.
“They could put up a flashing light but I doubt that’d stop anybody,” a resident said. “Maybe if they put higher strips and also put them in both lanes that might stop folks from driving around them and just shooting across.”