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Couple gets federal prison time for meth
Barnes, Cope were longtime meth suppliers
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A local couple received lengthy prison sentences for their part in a meth manufacturing conspiracy.
The sentences were handed down in U.S. District Court in Chattanooga.
Jacob Barnes was sentenced to serve 12 years and seven months, while Lori Cope received 10 years and seven months. The sentences were issued in federal court meaning they will not get the benefit of early release through parole. Sentences generally run much longer in the federal system than the state system.
Their sentences come for their long-term involvement in the manufacture of meth. Prosecutors told the court during sentencing the two were involved in a four-year meth conspiracy and furnished large amounts of pseudoephedrine to meth cooks.
As suppliers, or smurfs as they are called in the business, the two would go shopping for meth ingredients, the most important being pseudoephedrine. Given the fact there are limits on pseudoephedrine and logs are kept to trace who is buying it, the pair had to shop at numerous places.
Both defendants had a number of supporters in the courtroom to say they had reformed since they were hit with the drug charges.
Both could have gotten sentences as long as 20 years, but received various credits that lowered their sentences.