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County on strong financial footing
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Warren County government’s financial situation is currently strong, while counties and states across the nation brace for budget shortfalls due to the pandemic.

According to information presented to commissioners during Monday night’s monthly session of the full Warren County Commission, the county’s revenues are exceeding last year’s and expenditures are normal. 

“Is there anything in the numbers of concern to you right now?” asked Commissioner Carlene Brown to Finance Department director Justin Cotten.

“No, not at this time,” said Cotten.  “In fact, most of our collections are on par with where they were last year or slightly ahead. One that I would like to call attention to is sales tax. Between the two funds that receive sales tax, we are about $300,000 ahead this year than we were last October.” 

When Brown asked about expenses, Cotten added, “None of our expenses seem to be running too far ahead. Not any more than outside the norm of variance that I’ve noticed.” 

The information was given after the director submitted his financial report year to date for the month ending Oct. 31, 2020.