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County budget passes with no tax increase
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County commissioners have set the budget for fiscal year 2015-16. It includes no tax increase, a $2 raise for judicial commissioners, a 50-cent raise for employees, $196,720 to nonprofits, $150,000 to the Industrial Development Board, and $336,998 for Warren County Memorial Airport.
Without discussion, the county’s budget was passed unanimously 24-0 during Monday night’s full Warren County Commission meeting making this 13 years without a tax increase.
The county’s current tax rate is $1.9661, which is the certified rate the state calculated after a recent property reappraisal. While the tax rate was lowered from $1.995, it is not considered a tax reduction due to it generating the same amount of revenue.
Judicial commissioners will get a boost in the salary to the tune of $2 an hour in an effort by the county to stem the high turnover rate. Four left within a two-and-a-half-month period. The raise was a recommendation by the county’s Policy and Personnel Committee.
An across-the-board raise of 50 cents an hour will be given to county employees. The raise was a recommendation by the county’s Financial Management Committee and Budget and Finance Committee. Judicial commissioner are not be eligible for the raise due to the $2 adjustment.
Donations totaled $196,720:
Citizens for Progress $2,000; Governor’s Books from Birth $3,000; Heritage Alliance $1,000; Chamber of Commerce $5,000; Food Bank $2,470; Warren County A&L Fair $10,000; Main Street McMinnville $1,250; American Red Cross $7,500; CHEER Mental Health $5,000; Families in Crisis $1,000; Senior Center $7,500; Pacesetters $2,000; Sister City Program $5,000; RSVP $500; Volunteer Fire Departments $21,000; Meals on Wheels $2,500; and Young Men United $4,000; Magness Library $116,000.
Donations of $150,000 were given to the Industrial Development Board and $336,998 for Warren County Memorial Airport. IDB originally requested $250,000, while the airport originally requested $661,000.
Budget Funds:
General fund: $15 million
Solid Waste/Sanitation: $1.2 million
Ambulance Service: $3.1 million
Drug Control: $120,531
Highway/Public Works: $4.2 million
Schools: $49.7 million
Central Cafeteria: $3.8 million
General Debt Service: $3.2 million
Requiring only one passing read before the full Warren County Commission, the budget is set for the 2015-16 fiscal year.