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Copley jailed for shootout with officers
Gunplay followed burglary spree
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A man who took refuge in an outhouse after firing on deputies will serve eight years behind bars.
The fugitive, Johnny F. Copley, entered guilty pleas before Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to a multitude of charges which grew from several different incidents. His pleas included admissions to charges of vandalism, attempted second-degree murder, theft and aggravated burglary. The remaining charges in his 42-count indictment were dismissed as a result of his plea bargain.
Copley was chased by officers after he went on a burglary spree last year. At least one homeowner fired a round through the back window of Copley’s vehicle after he caught him breaking into his garage. Another victim reported finding Copley in his house around daybreak and noticed several items were missing. The victim also noticed a place in his back yard where Copley had apparently painted his vehicle with spray paint in an effort to disguise it.
Deputies fell in behind the crudely painted car later that morning, prompting Copley to flee and lead lawmen into a nursery field off Hennesee Bridge Road. The fugitive then ran through several fences as lawmen shot out one of his tires. He rammed a pursuing sheriff’s vehicle before abandoning his car with guns blazing.
Sheriff’s chief deputy Tommy Myers dodged rounds fired by Copley, responding with fire himself. Neither was hit during the brief gun battle.
Copley was caught following an armed standoff, with officers finding him about an hour later hiding inside a outhouse clutching a 44-caliber pistol. He surrendered without further resistance.