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Convenience center to close Jan. 13
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Residents who use the convenience center on Highway 8 will soon have to find somewhere else to take their garbage. The location will be closed Jan. 13.
The landowner, who has been cooperating with the county for several years, let the Sanitation Department know he needed use of his property back about two months ago.
Health and Welfare Committee members, as well as District 8 Commissioners, have attempted to find another location in a nearby area, but could not find anyone willing to sell.
Said Tommy Savage, “Everything that Randy (England) checked on they didn’t want to sell it. They were afraid it would bring the value of their place down.”
The landowner has agreed to give the county until Jan. 13 to clear the location.
According to Sanitation Department director Steve Hillis, the closest convenience center is at Fairview, approximately 4.5 miles away. As the county’s second largest site, Hillis says the center is equipped to handle all of the traffic from the mountain.
Hillis suggested extending Fairview’s hours to make it more convenient. He proposed 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with Saturday hours remaining the same.
The committee passed the motion to close the center unanimously. On Jan. 14, the Sanitation Department will begin removing the equipment from the center and will have it completely cleared within a week.
During the meeting, Hillis also discussed the Sanitation Department’s numbers for November. The department processed 582.88 tons of garbage in 86 loads. Cardboard, newsprint, metal, and tires were recycled for a total of 64.06 tons, earning over $3,000 for the county.
Nineteen percent of the county’s waste was recycled in November.