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City water service shut off
Utility bill dispute to blame
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Cotten Apartments resident Douglas McCrary holds a five-gallon bucket he's been using to carry water from the apartment office to his home. The residents have been without water since Thursday morning because of a utility bill dispute between the city and property owner Evelyn Cotten. - photo by James Clark
A water bill dispute has led to dozens of families without water at Cotten Apartments.The families, who pay for water, electricity and cable with their monthly rent, have been without water since Thursday morning when the city disconnected water service to the apartment complex.“We’re having to carry water in a five-gallon bucket just so we can flush the commode,” said Cotten Apartment resident Joyce Taylor. “There’s no water for doing dishes, taking a shower, or anything. It’s been six days like this and I don’t like to live this way.”Taylor says she has a second-grader living in her home.