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City offers Park Theater deal for nonprofit groups
Local nonprofits can earn $150 per performance for volunteering to work concessions for Park Theater events.

Local nonprofit organizations looking for a new fundraiser idea in 2016 should check out the city of McMinnville’s offer of $150.
“We are launching a new fundraiser for nonprofits at Park Theater,” said Kendra Foust, McMinnville Parks and Recreation program coordinator. “Instead of bringing in part-time people to work concessions and paying them, we’re offering to allow nonprofits to work concessions as a fundraiser for a month. We’ll give them $150 per performance.”
Concessions items are paid for by the city of McMinnville, while the organizations provide the labor using its members. If a show has two performances, even if those are on the same night, the organization will receive $150 per performance for a total of $300. If six performances are held during the month, members will earn $900 for their organization.
Organizations won’t be allowed to pick their month. Foust says it will be the luck of the draw.
“At this time, we don’t know how many nonprofit organizations will apply,” she said. “We don’t even know if we’ll get 12, but we want to be fair in assigning them their month. Our plan is to take those that apply and put their names in a drawing in order to determine which organization gets what month. If the fundraiser goes well this year, we’ll offer it again in 2017 and hold a new drawing.”
The offer is open to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit refers to what the tax code classifies as a “charitable” or a 501(c)3 organization.
Nonprofit organizations interested in signing up for the fundraiser are asked to call Park Theater at 506-2787 (ARTS).