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City may accept less than $6,000 for boat
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McMinnville officials have decided to take less than the minimum bid for the boat they no longer want, if necessary.
The city paid approximately $12,000 for the boat a couple of years ago. It was recently listed on with a minimum bid of $6,000.
“We have seven more days left on the auction,” said interim city administrator Bill Brock. “As of today, the highest bid is $4,500. We placed a minimum bid at $6,000. Do you want to meet after seven days and make a decision or do you want to go ahead and say sell it for the high bid at the end of seven days?”
Brock made the request Tuesday night to Safety Committee members Mike Neal, chairman, Everett Brock and Ryle Chastain, who has previously voted to declare the boat as surplus and sell it on the website for at least $6,000.
The boat was purchased by the city of McMinnville to be used by the Warren County Rescue Squad. However, a test in deep water of a boat designed for shallow water resulted in the boat tipping over and sinking in July 2013 at Riverfront Park. Firefighters were simulating a river rescue in deep water, with two men in the boat attempting to pull one man out of the water, when the boat tilted to the side, filled with water, and sunk.
During a prior Safety Committee meeting, McMinnville Fire Chief Kendall Mayfield said the boat is in running order but missing its gas tank and does not have a battery.
When asked who has the authority to make the final decision on the selling price, city attorney Tim Pirtle said the buck stops in committee.
“Since your bid range is under $10,000, I think the committee has the authorization,” said Pirtle.
Committee members voted to accept the highest bid received at the time the auction ends Jan. 20 at 9 p.m.