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City agrees to adopt Omni Drive, repair it
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After years of being the street no one wanted, Omni Drive has found a new home with the city of McMinnville.
“Property owners along the street have agreed to give up part of their property so the city can have a 50-foot right of way and the city can now take the street over,” said Planning and Zoning manager Josh Baker.
The street, which is in front of CHEER Mental Health near the hospital, is in poor condition. It was originally made by private developers on private property. The road is on two pieces of private property and runs between Sparta Street and Magness Drive.
Creating the problem is that Omni Drive is in need of repair. However, the city and county could not agree on who should repair it.
Omni Drive could not be found on either the city’s road list with McMinnville Public Works Department, or the county’s road list with Warren County Highway Department. Not being on its list prevents either department from making improvements on the street.
When private developers build a road with the intention of it being adopted by either the city or county as a public street, it is done to specifications depending on which government will be adopting the street. Omni Drive is not up to city code and the developer never petitioned for the city to adopt it.
The city has decided to adopt the street “as-is.” Once the new deed is registered, the street will officially be added to the city’s street list and the city’s Public Works Department can begin making improvements.
“We will have to look and see what’s needed,” said McMinnville Public Works director Bill Brock. “The biggest complaint I’ve heard is the trees. You can’t drive through there for all the tree limbs. Once they say the street is mine, we will look at getting the street opened up and trying to make any improvements that are needed.”