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Chamber gets a freebie
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McMinnville officials have decided to allow the Warren County Chamber of Commerce free use of its Civic Center, a savings of $530.Leading to the freebie was a letter from Chamber president Alicea Weddington to officials asking for re-consideration on a $900 charge for use of the facility for its annual Membership Banquet in January.“I understand the normal rental fee for the venue is $900 and includes a stage and the set up of tables and chairs to a specified format,” she said. For the past several years, the event has been at Bridgestone Learning Center with Bridgestone donating the use of its facility to the Chamber.During a Parks and Recreation Committee meeting on Tuesday night, city Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord informed the committee that he sat down with Weddington and she is OK with paying $530.“When she first approached me about using the facility, I told her the normal charge was $900,” said McCord. “Because she this is a civic event, the charge is actually $65 and not $85 an hour.