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Cell tower operational on Harrison Ferry Mountain
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DTC Wireless is fully operational on Harrison Ferry Mountain. The business announced Friday a new 300-foot tower has been constructed to replace the one brought down during an automobile accident.
“We appreciate the patience of our customers in the Harrison Ferry Mountain area during this process,” said DTC Wireless CEO Craig Gates. “DTC Wireless has been working diligently to not only keep temporary service in place, but to restore full service on a permanent basis to the area. We are happy to let our customers know a new tower is now in place and full wireless service is back in operation.”
The tower was toppled in March when a driver reportedly fell asleep at the wheel and ran off the road. The runaway vehicle traveled across a field and struck a guy wire that was supporting the tower. The tower, which was encased inside a fenced area located next to a block building, was never hit. Instead, the guy wire being ripped from the ground caused the top-heavy tower to fall, slamming down across Old Harrison Ferry Road which runs parallel to Highway 8.
The DTC wireless service has remained in operation in recent months on a temporary system, known as a COW or Cell on Wheels, enabling customers in the area to maintain wireless service. The temporary system was placed a couple weeks after the accident.
Gates calls the automobile accident that brought about the situation an “unexpected and unforeseeable event” the business tried to rectify as fast as possible.
“This was an extremely unexpected and unforeseeable event which caused limited availability of our network in a portion of this area,” said Gates. “Knowing how important our cell service is to our customers, DTC Wireless has been working to restore full service to this area as quickly as possible.”
The county’s Highway and Bridge Committee members have asked the state to consider rumble strips along the highway on Harrison Ferry Mountain in an attempt to wake sleeping motorists in the future. No determination has been made.