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Car occupants are OK after hit by semi
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Visitors from Manchester and Murfreesboro collided on Nashville Highway on Monday. Despite the severity of the crash, there were no serious injuries.
Gurpreet Singh, 18, of Murfreesboro, was traveling outbound on Nashville Highway in a 2007 Toyota. Robbie Frame, 50, from Manchester, was traveling behind Singh in a 2004 Internal semi truck.
According to Tennessee Highway Patrolman Rodney Whiles, Singh was traveling westbound on U.S. 70 and was attempting to make a left turn onto Bates Hill Road when he was struck from behind by Frame.
“Frame said he was unable to stop in time, so he tried to avoid the collision by swerving to the right,” said Whiles. “He was unsuccessful and struck Mr. Singh.”
Frame’s attempt to avoid collision prevented serious injuries to the individuals in the car.
“Because he tried to avoid hitting the car, the driver’s side door of the truck hit the car,” said Whiles. “If he hadn’t tried to swerve, he would have hit the car head-on. I’m sure there would have been serious injuries. The passenger in the car had a busted lip. That’s it. No one was transported.”
All individuals involved in the crash were wearing seat belts. No citations were given.