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Brock not given city administrator job
Officials haven't discussed next step
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McMinnville officials remained divided Tuesday night on who will be the next city administrator. The split likely ends Bill Brock’s bid for the position.
A motion to hire Brock ended in a tie vote of 3-3.
Aldermen Mike Neal, Billy Wood and Rick Barnes voted in favor of hiring Brock to be city administrator. Mayor Jimmy Haley and Aldermen Ken Smith and Jimmy Bonner voted against it.
Vice Mayor Ben Newman was absent. According to his office, he was vacationing in Mexico, a week-long trip he planned before the meeting was scheduled.
“That’s 3-3,” said Haley. “The motion fails.”
Brock says he is not surprised by the outcome.
“The vote didn’t shock me,” said Brock. “The board made its decision and everyone has to live with it, including me.”
When asked if he would re-apply for the position if the city decides to start the hiring process over again, Brock stated, “I would consider it. I still think I have something to offer.”
Prior to the vote, Haley read a statement he had prepared.
“This is really not the time and the place for rhetoric or unnecessary discussion,” Haley said. “We don’t want a repeat of what happened at our last meeting. It’s unfortunate that this process has taken us in this route with some conflicting advice. I guess we are all to blame, including myself. We are not here to debate that.”
Haley asked board members to consider holding off on the city administator vote.
“In the absence of Mr. Newman it might be out of courtesy to delay that vote and wait until the next meeting for the vote. That decision is up to the board,” said Haley.
That request was denied.
The matter to hire Brock as city administrator could be brought up again, but no board members have expressed a desire to do so.
No discussion was held on which way the board will move in its search for a new city administrator.