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Boyce jailed for selling drugs
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A man who sold marijuana to undercover agents in the Three Star Mall parking lot has been sentenced to four months behind bars.
The defendant, Daniel Adam Boyce, 26, entered guilty pleas to charges of simple possession of marijuana and simple possession of Oxymorphone. He was ordered by Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley to serve 120 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence and pay $1,500 plus court costs. The crimes were dropped from felonies to misdemeanors as part of the plea agreement.
Boyce was hit with the charges after drug investigators set up a drug sting and agreed to meet the suspect in the parking lot of Three Star Mall to exchange money for drugs.
When a vehicle matching the description of Boyce’s vehicle pulled into the parking lot, lawmen moved in and began speaking with the suspect. Upon being given consent to search his vehicle, investigators found the drugs, which they believe were being brought for the planned undercover drug deal.
“We found three bags containing approximately 1.5 pounds of marijuana,” said sheriff’s narcotics investigator Jody Cavanaugh. “The bags were found in a green backpack in the rear passenger compartment, one bag was found in a zippered pouch attached to the bottom of a folding chair in the rear passenger compartment.”
Lawmen also reported finding a 45-caliber handgun in the backpack, prompting additional charges against Boyce. However, the weapons charge was dismissed. The additional charge came from finding an Opana pill (narcotic pain pill) in his possession.