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Argument leads to stabbing
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A man was stabbed Monday night after a dispute spilled out into the road on Gay Street.The victim, Scott Daniel Beechum, suffered a stab wound to the ankle and was treated at Saint Thomas River Park Hospital.“There was a lot of blood lost,” said McMinnville Police detective Barry Powers. “There was a long blood trail leading up to the house where he went before EMS arrived.”Police say Vondale Solomon is a person of interest in the case but has not been charged since the victim and a witness are not sharing much information about the stabbing with police.What police suspect at this point is Solomon and Beechum got into an argument while riding around together along with an unidentified female.“At some point they pulled over and got out of the car to settle their differences in a driveway on Bluff Street here in the city,” Powers noted. “The residents came out and told them they didn’t want trouble and to get out of their driveway.”The brawl between the men then spilled into the street on nearby Gay Street where Beechum was cut on the ankle.Powers said that due to the lack of information about the cutting, police have been unable to determine the cause of the fight or exactly how Beechum was cut on the ankle.