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Animal Control issue gets hairy at county meeting
Commissioner Michael Martin tells a member of the audience he doesn't have to explain his vote.
What began as an upbeat discussion on how Warren County Animal Control has become more of an adoption and rescue organization ended up in a shouting match after a pair of county commissioners dug in their heels and refused to vote to officially change the name of Animal Control.“If we change this, what’s next?” asked Commissioner Tommy Savage who, along with Michael Martin, voted no to a resolution that would have added the words “And Adoption Center” to the name of Warren County Animal Control. His statement was answered by jeers from the audience.Supporters maintain such a name change would make the center easier to find for people who want to adopt and rescue animals. It would also open up the center for grants.“We are more into the adoption business than into control,” said Commissioner Blaine Wilcher who voted to change the name along with Teddy Boyd.