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Animal control can find home for your pet
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Taking an animal to Warren County Animal Control can be the hardest decision a pet owner can make, but it is far better than other options that are illegal.
“Abandoning a dog or cat to fend for itself is cruel,” said Warren County Animal Control officer Tammy Webb. “Domesticated animals usually can’t fend for themselves. They will starve to death, die of disease or become feral. A feral dog can be very dangerous.”
Abandoning a pet is considered animal cruelty. Fines and court costs for an animal cruelty could run up to several hundred dollars, which does not include community service, jail time or probation.
There is a legal, kinder alternative.
“Bring it to us,” said Webb. “We will try to find it a good home. Surrendering an animal to us costs nothing. We do accept donations, if they want to make one.”
While the department picks up as many stray animals as it can, the key to reducing the number lies with the public. A negative stigma may be causing owners to dump, not surrender.
“I had one lady call and say she had a dog she wanted to bring by but she was told we would euthanize it immediately,” said Webb. “That’ just not true.”
Along with holding animals as required by law, the facility has a “Find A Friend” list of possible adopters, a website to post animals up for adoption, and works with Southern Standard to feature pets, says Webb.
Find A Friend is a list of individuals who are looking for a specific kind of dog or trying to find a lost dog. If an animal fitting the description comes in, the person is called. The program was started last year.
 The facility’s website can be found by logging onto, click on “departments,” and click on “Animal Control.” Among the information is a button to view animals up for adoption. Webb keeps the information updated.
Pet of the Week is offered by the Standard to encourage the adoption of animals from both Warren County Animal Control and McMinnville Animal Control.
“We are making headway,” Webb said. “We have a long way to go, but there is an improvement. I think people are beginning to understand it is better to bring the animal here than it is to abandon it. We will try and find it a home.”
Featured with this article is an owner-surrendered dog, a brown Dachshund.
“The owner just could not keep her anymore,” said Webb. “I promised to try and find her a good home. She’s very sweet and lovable. She would make a wonderful pet for someone.”
For more information, call 507-3647.