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Adult swimming program considered
While children have ample opportunity to swim laps at Gilley Pool, the city is considering a policy for next year that will allow working adults greater access to the pool for exercise.

A program and policy is under consideration to allow working adults access to Gilley Pool next season.
“The reason for this is I’ve had folks come to me, adults who work during the day and don’t really have much of an opportunity to visit the pool, who want to swim laps and exercise,” said Aldermen Ben Newman. “Also, I think there may be some swim team that would benefit from use of the pool.”
The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee met Tuesday to consider an adult swimming program and policy.
“I think this is something that has come up in the last several years and we need to get a policy hammered out before next season when the pool opens so people can understand what the policy is, what they can and can’t do,” said Newman.
The trick would be coordinating the adult swimming program with the other programs taking place at the pool, says Newman, and he asked McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord or assistant director Justin Scott to contact any interested parties who might benefit from the additional program.
“I would like Scott or Justin, whomever, to sit down with some of the players involved. That would be the swim team or the adults who are wanting to come out and swim. I think Matt Feno is one of those. And, any other individuals that might be interested in this, such as the Red Cross or the city’s Fire Department which uses the pool,” said Newman.
There has to be a coordinated solution and Newman asked staff to find one.
“We need to find out what their needs are, whether it’s the Red Cross, the Fire Department or adult swim. We can pick certain days when Red Cross is there and adult swim can’t happen. There has to be a solution to it and I want it solved before the pool season starts next year. That way we have everything written down. The adults who want to swim know what to expect when summer time gets here and there’s no question about it.”
Newman tabled the issue for a month in order to give Parks and Recreation officials an opportunity to work something out and present information back to the committee.