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Wilson, Warriors wallop Wildcats
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Ever had one of those games where it felt as though you couldn’t miss?
Westin Wilson of Centertown had one of those games Thursday night versus Dibrell.
Centertown took its tribe of Warriors on the road for a pow-wow with Dibrell. The Warriors defeated the Wildcats, 39-23.
Wilson from Centertown led all scorers with a game-high 24 points. Wilson went on the warpath and attacked the Wildcat defense from every angle possible.
Wilson started his 24-point night with a 3-pointer over the Wildcat defense. T.J. Howard also dropped a 3-point bomb on the Wildcats in the first while Brad Burke picked up a two-point basket inside for the Warriors.
The Wildcats looked a little shaky in the first quarter and the Warrior defense pressured the ball much of the first period. Joey Burgess and Garrett Ashburn combined for the Wildcats’ four-point effort and at the end of six minutes, the Wildcats trailed 10-4.
In the second quarter, Wilson continued his attack on the rim and added four more points prior to the half. He and Will Rivers shot 1-of-2 from the free-throw line.
The Wildcat offense struggled to find the range again for the second straight quarter. Ashburn added another two points for Dibrell. Burgess was fouled and sent to the charity stripe where he shot 1-of-2 before the half. Dibrell trailed 16-7 at the half.
Wilson entered the second half on a mission. He added 10 points in the third with a shot behind the three-point line. Four points from inside the arch and he shot 3-of-4 from the free-throw line. Rivers dropped in another pair of shots from the floor and Howard connected on his second 3-pointer of the game.
Dibrell improved after the half and Matthew Vandagriff got inside the defense for six of Dibrell’s eight points in the quarter. Bryson Elrod added two points in the Wildcat effort. Centertown extended its lead to 33-15 after a dominant third quarter.
The two teams were close in the final period of play. Hagen Stewart and Caleb Wood combined for four of the eight points down the stretch.
Wilson remained in the game and finished the Warriors’ night with all six fourth-quarter points. The Wildcats never found an answer for Wilson. Centertown defeated Dibrell on the road, 39-23.
WARRIOR SCORING – Westin Wilson 24, T.J. Howard 8, Will Rivers 5, Brad Burke 2
WILDCAT SCORING – Matthew Vandagriff 6, Joey Burgess 5, Bryson Elrod 4, Garrett Ashburn 4, Caleb Wood 2, Hagen Stewart 2