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WCMS wins big
Pioneers coast past Trojans
Brady Gross explodes to the rim and avoids contact from the Trojan defender to start the highly charged second quarter for WCMS. The Pioneers dominated the Trojans on both ends of the floor.

In just the second regular-season game, WCMS went on the road Monday night and dominated both ends of the court during its convincing 48-14 win over the Trojans from Franklin County South.
The Trojans kept it close a little over halfway through the first period and then the Pioneer defense took over the game.
The Pioneers allowed the Trojans to score nine points in the first quarter and five in the third. The Trojan offense was fit to be tied in the second and fourth quarters as they were held scoreless.
WCMS was led by Micah Webster, who towered over the Trojan defenders and pounded the Trojan defense time after time. Webster led all scorers with 19 points. He also shot 3-of-3 from the free-throw line.
The Trojans were able to stay within reach during much of the opening period. WCMS tried to push the tempo and the Trojans did not want any part of it. Halfway through the first, the Trojans could not avoid it any longer and they succumbed to the Pioneer run game.
The Pioneer defense was quick on its feet and Christian Espinoza forced the Trojan offense into multiple turnovers. If it was not Espinoza, Jerry Mrema was all over the Trojan guards and he created havoc for the Trojan offense. WCMS applied constant pressure that crippled the Trojans.
Despite a constant double-team in the post, Webster and Espinoza led the Pioneers in scoring during the first period and combined for nine of the 13 first-quarter points.
For the Trojans, Malachi Perkins accounted for six of the nine points by Franklin County. Dylan Schultz connect on a rare open look from behind the 3-point line.
Things went from bad to worse in the second for the Trojans. WCMS closed off every lane to the basket and forced the Trojans to shoot from way outside. Shot after shot from long distance was off target and the Pioneer defense cleaned the glass and got the ball headed back the other direction.
Webster added seven more points to his first-quarter total. Eli Jones and Brady Gross added a pair of buckets just before the break. At the half, WCMS led 28-9 and the Trojans looked stunned.
After the break, WCMS picked up right where it left off. The Pioneer defense blanketed the court and it seemed every angle was covered. The Trojan offense settled for a shot from behind the 3-point line and Schultz connected on his second deep shot of the game.
WCMS played its best quarter after the halftime break. Wide open sharp-shooter Eli Jones stepped back and buried back-to-back 3-pointers. Webster continued his assault deep inside the post for the Pioneers. He dropped in his final six points in the highly charged third period. Eli Buchanan broke free and attacked the Trojan defense for his first four points of the game.
The Pioneers extended their already large lead to 45-14 by the end of the third.
WCMS dominated the fourth and the Trojans were held scoreless for the second time during the game. It was all Pioneer defense in the closing period. Brady Gross and Buchanan provided the offense down the stretch.
The Pioneers will play their first home game of the season Thursday, Nov. 12 with the girls varsity game set for 6 p.m. and the boys varsity game to follow.
PIONEER SCORING – Micah Webster 19, Eli Jones 8, Eli Buchanan 5, Carter Mansfield 5, Christian Espinoza 5, Brady Gross 4, Jacob Lann 2
TROJAN SCORING – Malachi Perkins 6, Dylan Schultz 6, Dylan Grimes 2