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Tribe trounces WCHS at home
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It’s said what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That might go more so in rugby when the hits are hard, there are no helmets, and it’s a constant physical grind just to compete.
The Warren County Pioneer rugby squad had one of those days Saturday, playing host to the Tribe out of McMinn County High School in Cleveland. Although they dropped the game, 72-0, Warren County left everything out on the field, except for any teeth which, thankfully, were all present and accounted for.
“The boy’s team had an outstanding time this weekend playing the Tribe,” said WCHS Pioneer rugby coach Jonathan Smith.  “They are a well-coached, and a highly disciplined program that taught us some valuable lessons on the rugby pitch. The boys played hard and gave 100 percent against this team. The coaching staff has been seeing continued improvements in all our players and we are extremely proud of their performance against this outstanding team.”
The Tribe started early, with over half their total points by the break. Warren County had a tough time countering, but managed to make several bids for a try, just to be thwarted shy of the goal line.
The Tribe had their offense going like greased lightning, moving the ball textbook as they created a line to perfection where as soon as the ball carrier ran into Pioneer defense he had the push pass ready to go. The receiver would do the same until they either got the angle or had to ruck.
When it came to getting by the Pioneer defense, the Tribe had the ruck down to a science and executed quickly, not giving Warren County much time to push back. Finally, the Tribe controlled the tempo, and were able to get the angles down by the goal line.