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Three-team meet goes swimmingly
Alayna Adams- 6-17-2022.jpg
Conner Smith photos Alayna Adams of McMinnville Swim Team glides through the water on her way to a strong finish at the tri-swim meet.
Chloe Laxson- 6-17-2022.jpg
Conner Smith photos Chloe Laxson of the girls 6-and-under division comes up for air Tuesday.

by Conner Smith

A tri-swim meet between McMinnville Swim Team, Tullahoma Swim Team, and Fayetteville Area Swim Team was a huge success for McMinnville on Tuesday night.

McMinnville owned the water at Gilley Pool in the younger divisions, and was especially strong in the under 8, and 9-10 age groups in 100-meter events. 

In the girls 6-and-under division, Chloe Laxson had a stellear day in the water for the girls and A.J. Ramirez stood out from the rest in the boys 6-and-under age group.

Alayna Adams not only stars on the softball field but she also is outstanding in the water as she performed well in the girls 9-10 age group. 

J.P. Toney excelled in the boys 15-and-older races. 

Overall it was a very successful day for McMinnville Swim Team as coach Paige Northcutt is pleased with the progress she has seen. 

Results will be published when they are available.