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Simmons Says - Random thoughts
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I don’t know if I’ve completely left winter sports behind, but spring sports are going to be here in full force this week so I need to be ready. Before I start seeing who is shining bright on the diamonds though, I want to hit on a few things scatter-shot style. Let’s roll. 

TSSAA needs 

better brackets

Admittedly, I haven’t kept up with the state basketball tournaments close since Warren County’s teams were eliminated in the region, but I still know they had some crazy matchups in the quarterfinals. In more than a few Elite 8 games, the best two teams were thrown together on Day 1 - Bradley Central beating 35-0 Bearden in the Girls 4A quarterfinals is a good example.

That shouldn’t happen, especially when one side of an eight-team bracket has four teams with seven combined losses and the other side has three teams with at least seven losses on their own. Girls 4A wasn’t the only bracket with crazy draws either.

Sure, once you make it to state, you probably should be ready to face an outstanding team, but the TSSAA needs a better way than a blind draw. Start a poll, have a committee seed it or take a piece of all that revenue they collect throughout the postseason and commission a study to figure it out. 

I’ll be glad to give the state my two cents for little more than two cents if they ask.

The Lady Pioneers were really, really good

In case you didn’t notice it during their back-to-back, 20-plus win seasons, I’ll point it out: The WCHS girls team was awesome. Just look at the state tournament results if you don’t believe me.

Almost every team the Lady Pioneers lost to this season was playing at MTSU this week, including Bradley Central after it eliminated Warren County. By the time you’re reading this, there is a good chance the Bearettes are 4A state champions (the game was Saturday after press time).

Warren County lost to Bradley Central by eight on the road. The Bearettes went on the win the region and sectional championships by 27 points each, took out 35-0 Bearden in the quarterfinals (44-42) and smoked Cookeville by 17 points in the semifinals. If you’re scoring at home, then you can note that the Lady Pioneers were the second-toughest out for the potential state champs during their postseason run.

That group is going to be remembered for a long time and for good reason.

Spring sports 


People always want me to go out on a limb and try to predict championships before every season, but it’s a fool’s errand. If you want my easiest prediction of the spring, then here is: Ally Beneke is going to jump really high for the Lady Pioneer track team. She probably will soar higher than any other high jumper in the state.

As for the teams (Soccer, baseball and softball), I’m like everybody else - I'm just waiting to see what happens Monday and hoping for the best all year.

Let’s all start getting some sun and supporting Warren County sports!