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Right On! 5-3-15
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Well just in case you’re not keeping up, Jameis Winston went No. 1 in the 2015 NFL draft. Luckily Winston won’t have very far to go, he was picked by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 2013 Heisman Trophy winner won a national championship while losing one game in two seasons while leading Florida State. Tampa Bay has not had a playoff win since winning the Super Bowl in 2002.
Winston comes with a certain amount of baggage but the Buc may stop in Tampa Bay. He has the ability and talent, you can’t deny that, but the controversy that follows him seems like it would have weighed heavy on those people trying to decide if it was worth the trouble. Obviously Tampa Bay doesn’t mind and honestly maybe down deep, Winston may be good for business.
Less than 24 hours after being the No. 1 pick, Winston reportedly inked a deal with Tama Bay for four years and an option for a fifth year. I read Friday afternoon the NFL advised the Bucs that Winston needs a handler. A handler is pretty much known better by those inside the organization as a snitch. Far be it from me to agree that a 21-year-old man-child will need a handler after you deposit a stack in his bank account and calls his entourage for a night out on the town. We see this all the time, but I wish him the best of luck on all his NFL endeavors.
Now the real guy in the spotlight around here was Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. He is on his way to right here in the middle of arguably the greatest state in the United States, Tennessee, and home of the Titans. Mariota was the second name to be called and that is nothing to be ashamed of.
Mariota on the other hand has a reputation as a no-nonsense, hard-working quarterback who not just talks the talk, but walks the walk. I, like several others I have seen comment, at first thought this might be some type of bargaining chip to trade for another player, or players from other teams.
Ken Whisenhunt and Titan general manager Ruston Webster both feel very strongly about Mariota and are confident that keeping him is the best course of action. When it comes down to it, Mariota will also have to be able to hit his targets. You guys are not in college anymore. These NFL players are the elite and they move fast to the ball. I believe if you ask them, they will admit it is by far the highest level of competition in the world.
Come this fall all eyes will be on Mariota around here and it will make for some interesting conversation around the ol' TV and I am sure we have not heard the last of these and other draft picks. It is after all the NFL. Anything can happen, for the right price. Right on.