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Pioneers topple Tigers
True Craven brings the ball up for the Pioneers. Craven finished Tuesday's game with four points.

WCMS caged the Tigers on Tuesday with another high-scoring performance.
Depth is something most of the 5-6 grade teams do not have. Fortunately WCMS has it and the Pioneers defeated the Tiger, 46-17.
Chance Hunter took over the WCMS offense and the Tigers could not find a way to stop him. Hunter led all scorers with 19 points in just three quarters.
The Pioneer defense stifled the Tigers right from the opening tip. WCMS pushed the tempo and found ways to get the ball to the basket. Hunter dominated the first quarter and dropped nine of his 19 in the opening period.
It was not lack of effort by Irving College. The Tiger offense put up shot after shot but could not find the range. When the Tiger guards did pass the initial Pioneer defender he was faced with a second and sometimes a third wave. Riley Wanamaker connected for the only basket in the first.
The Pioneer tempo slowed slightly in the second and Hunter got help on the offensive end by Layne Roberts and Keldrick Cox.
Irving College got points from Abram Stinson on a mid-range jumper and Trevor Wanamaker went 2-of-4 from the free-throw line before the half.
Out of the half, WCMS followed up the mediocre second quarter with a much-improved third quarter. The Pioneer intensity increased and they turned the defensive pressure back up. The offense watched Hunter attack the defense and he dropped in six more points in the third.
Irving College maintained its aggressive play on offense and tried to create new paths to the basket. The fourth quarter is when the Tigers found ways to score. Trevor Wanamaker connected on a 3-pointer and another shot inside the defense. Tanner Wanamaker shot 2-for-2 from the free-throw line.
The Pioneers collected 10 points in the final period and went on to win over Irving College, 46-17.
PIONEER SCORING – Chance Hunter 19, Eli Kuykendall 9, True Craven 4, Layne Roberts 4, Ethan Bernhardt 4, Keldrick Cox 3, Curtlan George 2, Raleigh Gilliam 1
TIGER SCORING – Trevor Wanamaker 9, Abram Stinson 4, Tanner Wanamaker 2, Riley Wanamaker 2