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Pioneers can't get offense going against Tullahoma
Evan Reynolds fights for possession of the ball in the Pioneers 2-0 loss to Tullahoma on Tuesday night.

The Warren County High School soccer team, coming off a loss at home two weeks ago against Riverdale, suffered its second straight defeat at home Tuesday night, when the Pioneers took on the Tullahoma Wildcats.
The Pioneers lost 2-0 in a game where they allowed the Wildcats to control the ball for most of the game.
After the two-week layoff the Pioneers looked sluggish, failing to score a goal after two shots-on-goal in the first half. Neither team took advantage in the first half, as the game went back-and-forth, leaving it scoreless at the half.
The score remained 0-0, until 19 minutes left when the Wildcats scored the first goal of the game, 1-0. The Pioneers were in desperation mode with time running out. It was a battle for field position for the most part, with the Wildcats controlling the ball. The Pioneers didn’t advance to their side of the field but a couple of times.
With a minute left, the Wildcats added insurance to their lead, scoring a goal, 2-0. That is all of the scoring the Wildcats needed, as the Pioneers fell to 0-2-0 on the season.
The Pioneers will be back on the field Tuesday when they travel to Wartrace, to take on Cascade High School. Match starts at 5 p.m.