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Pioneer of the week
DSC 7976
Dillon Haley

Coaches often look for certain traits in players - discipline, accountability, toughness and many other characteristics. Rising junior OL Dillon Haley exemplifies each of these traits on a daily basis. Dillon is a steady worker whose presence can sometimes go unnoticed by the way he carries himself and approaches the game.

Dillon is never too high or too low. He keeps a level head in tough situations when things aren't always going his way. This is something I value about him, and a characteristic others could learn from him.

Although Dillon isn't a vocal leader, he certainly leads by example through his actions and work ethic.

As a sophomore, he earned playing time as the season went on. As the focus has turned to the 2018 season, we expect Dillon to be a great contributor in the trenches.

One thing I have come to learn is that this respectful young man can be counted on - not only by his coaches, but more importantly his teammates.