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Little Pioneer Basketball League
Braelynn Lefever of Edd Rogers brings the ball up court in Saturdays matchup with Pinnacle Orthopaedics.
Jan. 14Scores and names provided by the leagueGirlsRock Island Market 26Donald A. Wilson 4Rock Island Market – Aubrey Oleksik 10, Maci McBride 8, McKenzie Roberts 4, Maelee Turner 2, Sabella Martin 2Donald A. Wilson – Izzy Pitts 3, Sarah-Kate Winfree 2 Rock Island Market 38Steve Roller Attorney at Law 2Rock Island Market - Sabella Martin 14, Maci McBride 10, Aubrey Oleksik 8, McKenzie Roberts 4, Maelee Turner 2Roller – Harper Fuston 2 Jr. BoysPinnacle Orthopaedics 12Edd Rogers Chevrolet Buick 0Pinnacle Orthopaedics – Brynlee Chisam 6, Jaylan Hudson 4, Ava Franson 2 Bo’s Nursery Sales 2First National Bank 0OvertimeBo’s Nursery Sales – Maddex Usie 2 Delores’ Market 14Douglas and Lanier Insurance 2Delores’ Market – Bentley McCormick 10, Kredence Miller 2, Camden King 2Douglas and Lanier Insurance – Blake Moore 2 Sr. BoysGCE 16Volunteer Bearing and Supply 6GCE – Adam Oleksik 8, Ryder Gillispie 4, A.J. Whitman 2, Kaden Arnold 2Volunteer – Case Simmons 6 Jan. 21GIRLSDonald A. Wilson DDS 20Steve Roller Attorney at Law 0Donald A. Wilson DDS – Sarah-Kate Winfree 12, Mya Martin 4, Cadence Slatton 2, Izzy Pitts 2 Steve Roller Attorney at Law 18Edd Rogers Chevrolet Buick 2Steve Roller Attorney at Law – Harper Fuston 16, Lily Terrasi 2Edd Rogers Chevrolet Buick – Ashlyn Graves 2 Rock Island Market 28Pinnacle Orthopaedics 0Rock Island Market – Aubrey Oleksik 12, Maci McBride 8, Sabella Martin 8 SR BOYSSupreme Building Products 19Volunteer Bearing Supply 2Supreme Building Products – Ryan Romzen 8, Wesley Romzen 4, Owen McGee 2Volunteer Bearing Supply – Berkley Black 2 Jarden Consumer Solutions 10GCE 8Jarden Consumer Solutions – Kristopher Rosledo 6, Maddox Baker 2, Tyler Woodlee 2GCE – A. J. Whitman 4, Adam Oleksik 2, Carter Lee 2