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Failed 2-point conversion proves to be difference in spring scrimmage
WCHS football - Alex and Jonathan.jpg
Alex van Vuuren of the Blue Team tries to push off the smaller but strong Jonathan Martinez, but Martinez took the quarterback down at the Suds and Rinse game on Monday. The Blue Team came out on top in a close game, 30-28. - photo by Taylor Moore

The Blue Team came out on top of the WCHS football team’s Suds and Rinse spring game on Monday after the Red Team failed to score a 2-point conversion which cost them the game. 

The Blue Team won 30-28 featuring many returning athletes to watch, including Braylon Grayson, Donathan Lewis, Collin Panter, and Alex van Vuuren as quarterback.

Lewis helped the Blue Team by scoring 3 touchdowns for the night, including two 60-yard runs. Red quarterback Nate Elrod rushed for 2 touchdowns of his own to keep the Red Team alive. Team Blue took an early lead with runs by Lewis in the first quarter, swerving out of the Red Team’s hands. 

The Red Team followed with its own TD with Elrod running through the middle at the goal line. After this, the Blue Team took off with the game in the first half with van Vuuren and Grayson scoring touchdowns with Grayson running for 40 yards.

The first half ended with the Blue Team on top, 22-6, but the Red Team wasn’t finished as it started to make up for lost yards. Elrod ran the ball for Red to score its second TD in the third and found Lukas Bernhardt open for the 2-point conversion.

Red was able to keep Blue down for most of the second half and made a quick comeback with Jaythan Pleasant scoring 6 more points at the beginning of the fourth quarter after running 8 yards without being touched. Red caught up to trail by 2 points, 22-20, after failing to score the conversion.

This is where Lewis made his second 60-yard run to widen the lead once again. Though Red was down, they were able to stay in it with yet another fourth quarter touchdown by Pleasant, catching a beautiful toss while waiting in the endzone.

“I think our coaching staff did a pretty good job breaking up our solid roster to make two teams,” said head coach Matt Turner. “I think the competition level is great. I think the kids got a lot of good playing time. It’s been a very good spring.” 

Turner says that they’ve not changed their offense but added to it, and he quoted coach Donnie Harris, “It’s hard to come out here and have a game against a team with only three plays, and they know all three of those plays.”

Turner mentioned Wesley Sherrell and Creed Adams as two who surprised him Monday night saying they both fought tough and hustled. He recognized an improvement in van Vuuren’s confidence on the field. “You can see he’s not a rookie quarterback or a first-year player.”

Turner says coaches will review the tapes for the offensive line, but he was impressed with their performance overall on the offense line.