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Dibrell beats Boyd
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Earlier this week the Bronco caravan paid a visit to Wildcat country. Despite the Broncos’ hard work and efforts, Dibrell defeated Boyd by a final score of 41-27.
Adrik Balderas led the Wildcats and scored a game-high 10 points.
The Wildcat defense used its cat-like reflexes and anticipated the pass, which allowed them to get the ball back down the floor in transition, one of the many things Dibrell does well. Balderas got back down the floor in a hurry and posted four points in the first quarter.
When Dibrell set up its offense, the Wildcats went inside to Matthew Vandagriff. He scored four points in the first.
For Boyd in the first quarter, Brayden Scott split the Wildcat defense and went straight to the basket and scored. Moments later, Dallas Greene got inside and dropped in two points from close range and Jordan Hoover finished up the first quarter scoring with a pair of free throws.
After the first quarter, Boyd trailed 10-6.
Joey Burgess led Dibrell in the second quarter with four points. Bryson Elrod drew contact and shot 1-of-3 from the charity stripe and Wesley Wilmoth slipped free from the defense for an open look at the basket. He scored before the end of the first half.
Boyd had lost its rhythm and fell off the pace slightly before the half. The team struggled to find its range from outside. Jamison Brock made a quick move off the dribble and got past the defense and scored.
Bryson Stiles drew contact on his way to the basket and he went to free-throw line and shot 2-for-2. At the half, Dibrell led 19-9.
Balderas attacked the Bronco defense and added four more points in the third.
Burgess continued to shoot with a hot hand and he connected twice more from outside. Jordan Sandlin entered the game and slipped past the defense for two points.
Mark Mason went to work for the Bronco offense. He scored his first four points in the third. Brock was still on the attack for the Broncos. He scored one from the floor and then had to earn the rest from the free-throw line where he shot 3-of-4. At the end of three, Dibrell led 29-19.
Boyd attempted to make a run as Tyler Jakes slipped inside the Wildcat defense for two points. Bryson Stiles knocked down a shot from outside and the rest of the Bronco points came from the free-throw line.
The Wildcats held on and refused to allow Boyd to get anywhere near the lead. Aaron Ashburn led the final offensive surge by Dibrell with five and Hagen Stewart added a basket before time expired.
The Wildcats held on and escaped with a 41-27 win at Dibrell.

WILDCAT SCORING – Adrick Balderas 10, Joey Burgess 8, Matthew Vandagriff 6, Garrett Ashburn 5, Aaron Ashburn 5, Wesley Wilmoth 2, Jordan Sandlin 2, Hagen Stewart 2, Bryson Elrod 1
BRONCO SCORING – Jamison Brock 7, Mark Mason 6, Bryson Stiles 4, Dallas Greene 4, Jordan Hoover 2, Brayden Scott 2, Tyler Jakes 2