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Custom Collision narrowly prevails
Middle Tennessee Radiologys Braylon Burch hits as the team faces Custom Collision in the boys 6-8 youth league tournament Friday.
Custom Collision advanced in the tournament Friday in the boys 6-8 youth league as the team won a close shave against Middle Tennessee Radiology, 13-12.Scoring 6 runs on their first at-bats, Mid-TN meant business as Wesley Romzek, Brently Jones, Ryder Gilespie, Braylan Burch, Preston McAbee and Colten Link chalked up 6 runs before inning’s end.Custom Collision roared right back at them in the bottom of the inning, scoring 6 runs as well for the tie with Berkley Black, Cason Davis, Jaxon Grissom, Kaden Jones, Miguel Garcia and Casper Cossitt all found home to tie up the ballgame 6-6.Custom Collision took a thin lead after holding Mid-TN scoreless and scoring 1 run in the second after Black found home again, 7-6.The scored stayed static in the third inning as each team scored 2 runs. Mid-TN needed to score some more runs, but could only get 1 in the fourth inning after Gilispie closed the gap 10-9 while Custom Collision went scoreless in the fourth.Putting up 3 runs in the fifth, by Romzek, Jones and Gilispie, gave the lead back to Mid-TN 11-10, but Custom had their last at bat and took the most of it scoring Black, Davis and Jones for the win.