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Crushettz crush competition
Midway - Alena Muncey.jpg
Alena Muncey makes it to third base with Kami Brooks reaching for the ball to make the play close. The Crushettz beat out Dana’s Grooming for the first place prize in a challenging showdown Tuesday night in Midway.
Midway - crushettz.jpg
Pictured are the Crushettz who went undefeated in the Midway senior girls tournament, placing first in the season and tournament. Pictured, front row, from left are Taylor Caldwell, Lexie Thomas, Alena Muncey, Madelyn Powers, and Kylie Mason. Second row, coach Mickey Prater, Cassidy Gilbert, Sierah Kester, Brooke Kesey, Alexa Rodriguez, and Izzy Pitts. Back row, coaches Monte Mason and Kelvin Powers. - photo by Taylor Moore
Midway - hug.jpg
Crushettz Kylie Mason and Cassidy Gilbert embrace in a celebratory hug after winning the Midway senior girls championship on Tuesday.

The Crushettz lived up to their name on Tuesday and took home the trophy in the Midway senior girls league, placing first in the season and tournament. Midway concluded its summer-long youth league finishing with the senior girls. Dana’s Grooming played three times that evening to place second in the tournament.

Dana’s Grooming 16

Smarty Pants 12

Dana’s started the night against Smarty Pants to fight for a spot in the semifinals. Dana’s started hot with 9 runs in the first inning and only allowing 2 runs from Smarty Pants. With Shelby Smartt in the circle, Dana’s was able to take a quick lead.

But Smarty Pants held them off in the third inning with Saydie Farmer making a nice catch in centerfield and pitcher Brooke Kesey making plays. However, Dana’s also played great defense with Smartt and Izzy Pitts making infield catches. Dana’s won 16-12 to solidify a spot in the semifinals.

Crushettz 17

Precision Auto Machine 6

The Crushettz were immediately a tough team as they prevented Precision from getting a single run in the first inning and followed it up with 3 doubles in a row. Lexie Thomas, Taylor Caldwell and Cassidy Gilbert hit back-to-back doubles to help hit some runners home and racking up 4 runs.

Precision tied it up in the top of the second, but Crushettz pitcher Madeline Powers got a force out at home to catcher Kesey to keep Precision from getting ahead. The Crushettz continued in the second inning scoring 5 and later 8 runs in the third, giving them a 17-6 win over Precision.

Dana’s 16

Precision 15

Precision had a tough time playing twice in a row, but gained a quick and early lead over Dana’s scoring an amazing 11 runs. Aspen Adams and Emeline Bell both were strong on the baselines scoring 2 runs each. Bell also was an outfield star making some important catches in center-left.

Though starting hot, Dana’s slowly crept back in the game with Sophie Woodlee scoring the first run on a double. Smartt moved to centerfield from the pitcher’s circle and made all the difference making play after play. Scoring 7 runs in the second inning, Dana’s was only down by 2 going into the final inning Woodlee scored the final RBI of the game after bases were loaded, and Dana’s earned a spot in the championship.

Crushettz 21

Dana’s 10

The championship game would be the most competitive as the two were tied 10-10 going into the fourth inning. Smartt continued to be an asset for Dana’s scoring her second homer of the night in the first inning, and she was an unstoppable force in centerfield, running and diving for many catches. Pitcher Erin McBride also managed to make some impressive plays to give the underdogs a chance at the title.

Crushettz led 11-10 going into the fifth inning. After a game of being caught in centerfield, the Crushettz started hitting them away from Smartt in right field where they managed to score 10 runs in that inning. Sierah Kester and Alena Muncey both got some great hits and scored 3 runs each to help them win the championship 21-10.