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Covenant makes Wizards' chances to win disappear
Lions dominate West
Covenant Academys Caleb Hines makes the added effort to keep the ball in play Thursday night. Covenants Lions came through with the win.

West’s Wizards descended on Covenant Academy Thursday night, but the Lions were ready and won the 5-6 grade basketball contest 35-15.
West scored first as Julian Martinez hit for two, but Covenant slowly eroded away the very early lead. Lion Beckham Scott’s fast break combined with Chase Newby’s accuracy added 8 points apiece to the 35 total points Covenant scored.
West couldn’t come back from an 18-7 halftime deficit.
“The score didn’t come out in our favor,” said West coach Braydon Lewis. “We have a lot to improve on and just have to get ready for the next one.”
Adding to Covenant’s score were Caleb Hines and Collin Panter with 6 points each, Vaush Patel made 5 points, and James Hines was good for 2 points.
Doing additional scoring for West were Dyson Elam with 7 points and Matthew Starkey had 6.