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Brent's Computers cuts down Bob Young Nursery
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Brent’s Computers offense got going in a hurry and never let up on Bob Young’s Nursery in action at the Civic Center on Friday night in the machine pitch league. The defense was on the field but Brent’s Computers found the gaps and when their base runners got their wheels turning, there was not much stopping them.
Brent’s Computers ran away with the game on offense but their defense played well and the hits Bob Young’s Nursery did hit always seemed to be toward a waiting defender with an open glove and Brent’s Computers defeated Bob Young’s Nursery, 15-0.
Braylen Moore led the first at-bat off for Brent’s Computers with a single and it was time for the offense to get to work. Corban Felton stepped to the plate and hit a blast that found its way deep into the outfield for a home run and Brent’s Computers was up 2-0. T-Bone Adams and Casen Youngblood each reached base on their first trip to the plate, and each scored to make it a 4-0 lead. After the first out, Tristan Myers and Brayden Turner scored for Brent’s Computers and the runs kept piling up for a 6-0 lead. Jaylen Mainer reached second base before the inning was over with the second and third outs.
Bob Young’s Nursery got things started off with a three up, three down inning and Brent’s Computers led 6-0 after one complete inning.
Braden Haggins singled to reach first base and back to the top of the lineup with no outs and Moore was right back on base for the second straight time. Felton and Adams reached base and runs started to show up on the scoreboard again. Haggins, Moore, and Felton made it a 9-0 lead with no outs. Youngblood singled and Adams scored from third base for a 10-0 lead. An out finally came but Myers singled right after and Youngblood crossed the plate and took the lead to 11-0. The next two batters went down in the books for outs two, and three.
Bob Young’s Nursery was fired up and ready to run and after the lead-off batter went for an out, Aiden Patterson reached first base. Sawyer Stanton singled but Patterson was out at second on a fielder’s-choice for out number two. Keagan Thompson reached first base but a base running error by his teammate cost Bob Young’s Nursery its third out.
In the third inning, Brent’s Computers was back to the top of the lineup and Moore started things off with a single for a base hit and Moore reached first base for the third time. Felton and Adams scored back-to-back homeruns to clear the bases and took a commanding 14-0 lead.
Down to their final at-bat Young went down first and Kaden Williams reached on a single and quickly made his move and advanced to second base off a Keiondre Jackson base hit. Lucas Young singled and Williams was sent home for an attempt at their first run of the game and the throw to home was spot on just ahead of the runner for out number two. With two on base and two outs, a ground ball for a double went for out number three.
Brent’s Computers played with reckless abandon and held Bob Young’s Nursery scoreless winning by a final score of 15-0.