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Bowling Report 3-22
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Gold and Silver League
“There ain’t no free lunches!”
Was watching a TV report this week about a man who had been scammed out of his life savings. A slick-talking con artist had convinced him he had won several million dollars, just had to pay the necessary fees to clear it. He sent money several different times totaling over $8,000.
You have heard it a hundred times, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” What does this have to do with bowling? Nothing about bowling, everything to do with our bowlers. We sure don’t want something like this to happen to one of our folks. Be careful guys!

Week 28 Team Standings
Brent’s Computer Center       126
B&G Supply                         120
Foster & Foster                      114
KP’s McMinnville Lanes         113
Woodbury Bunch                    108
The Green Machine                103.5
Warren County Nursery 100
Best Western Tree City Inn     100
Donald Hillis Realty 98.5
First National Bank 97                                                                                                                                        
Homeland Community Bank 95
Dr Pepper 93
Citizen’s Tri-County Bank 92
Ladies’ Division
Colleen Eslick              511       180
Linda Farley                 496       182
Betty Toler                    482       171
Linda Newby                481        201
Tony Bratcher               447       181
Men’s Division
Tony Spinella             659      236
Bill Jones 617      257
Bruce Smith               586      204
Richard Hobbs           566      213
Tony Roberts             562      203
Ben Lomand Connect Big-Time Game Winner
Tony Bratcher
Bill Jones