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Bob Young's harvests win
Bob Youngs Nursery hitter Lucas Young gets ahold of this pitch as the team faced Brents Computer Center on Tuesday at McMinnville Civic Center.

In a tough, low-scoring ballgame, Bob Young’s Nursery put all its runs into one basket in the first inning, and held on from there, as they defeated Brent’s Computer Center 3-2 Tuesday night on Sam Martin Field.
The first three batters were the first three to score as Bob Young was designated the visitor and had first bat. Leading off was Cameron Perry, followed by Andrew Key and Alex van Vuuren, who tallied 3 total runs for the nursery crew. It was the only runs scored by Bob Young, but it was enough in the end.
In the orange uniforms, Brent’s Computer Center scored its first run early in the ballgame as Trace Taylor crossed home to add 1 run, making it 3-1.
Brent’s tried to get a rally started when Tyler “T-bone” Adams scored in the bottom of the third for a 3-2 count, but Bob Young’s defensive unit held steadfast and retired the inning for the win.
Tournament time is looming both teams who are in the boys 9-11 McMinnville Youth League division at McMinnville Civic Center.