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The Wright Opinion - Here comes another year
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We find ourselves again at the dawning of a new year. This portion of the calendar leads many to get a bit introspective about the year they are putting behind them and to look forward to what may lie ahead.

Everyone's experience is different and their perspectives on both past and future are equally different. Personally, I'm hoping the 365 days stretching out in front of me prove to be a little less tumultuous than the 12 months behind. 

The start of 2022 saw me losing my dad, certainly not an ideal start to say the least. About two-thirds of the way through the year, I got an obviously much more pleasant but also life-altering curve ball thrown at me as I was named managing editor of the newspaper you're hopefully happily reading.

Going from working at home by myself for the previous two years  to not only returning to a room full of people but also returning to a room I was expected to lead was another major readjustment. As we approach 2023, I'm hoping for a little less emotional upheaval. 

I realize the new year is just the changing of a number on the calendar but it provides a different feeling as well. I'm looking forward to starting a fresh year with the Southern Standard editorial team we currently have as opposed to finishing out a year started by a staff that was quite different 12 months ago. 

And, as we begin this fresh year, one of you reading this right now could begin the journey with us. We currently have a full-time position available for a writer and photographer. I'm not going to try to tell you it's an easy job but it's a rewarding one for anybody who'd like to get a little more involved in our wonderful community. 

It's also a job that offers a fair amount of fun. The five of us in editorial all take our jobs very seriously but none of us take ourselves seriously. That makes for a fun atmosphere. We get our work done but we talk ... a lot .... as we do it. And the talk isn't all about work. We often break out into random songs triggered by a single word someone may say (that's mostly me and Jeff). We constantly throw around Scooby-Doo quotes (that's mostly Bethany and Taylor). And some of us enjoy startling others by suddenly and loudly crumpling paper (sorry, Nikki). After 25 years of working at the Standard, I've been a part of a LOT of different editorial lineups with a lot of different personalities and I can honestly say the current room is one of the most fun and least stressful ones I can remember. 

So, as we look to add another employee, we're looking for someone who can keep that atmosphere going as much as we're looking for a great reporter. If you think that person could be you, send a resume to

Here's hoping 2023 comes with a little less drama. Happy New Year, everybody!

Standard managing editor Seth Wright can be reached at (931) 473-2191